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The Night Cool research site demonstrates an experimental building concept that uses the cool, roof decking as a heat sink for cooling. Once the attic air mass is cooled to a specific temperature, it is then circulated to the interior space to off-set internal heat gains and reduce the overall air conditioner energy use. The experiment consists of two identical, wood frame constructed buildings with differing roof systems. The control building has a white metal roof on plywood decking and a vented, R-30 batt insulated attic. The experiment also has a white metal roof however, it is fastened to steel furring strips across the rafters and no plywood decking. The attic is sealed and over an R-30 SIP ceiling.

Mar 26 2016, 00:15 -To- Mar 27 2016, 00:00 EST

Electric Power Use

Peak Watt-hrs

Experiment AC 0.0 0.0
Control AC 0.0 0.0
Control Lights 4.0 14.0
Experimental Lights 8.0 39.0
Experiment Fans 0.0 0.0

Building Conditions


Experiment Roof Surface 77.5 64.6/ 102.6
Control Roof Surface 78.3 64.7/ 106.1
Experiment Attic Temp. 76.8 66.4/ 93.6
Control Attic Temp 76.9 68.7/ 87.6
Experiment Room Temp. 76.9 73.6/ 80.0
Control Room Temp. 75.6 72.6/ 78.6
Experiment Room RH 57.2 54.2/ 60.6
Control Room RH 60.6 58.1/ 63.1

Weather Conditions


Ambient Temp (F) 74.8 68.6/ 81.2
Ambient RH (%) 53.1 12.2/ 228.9
Solar (w/m2) 194.5 0.0/ 857.0
Dewpoint (F) 40.7 -54.9/ 440.0
Sky Temp (F) 93.6 86.2/ 100.6
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