Information Monitors specializes in designing field experiments to provide you with the information you need to succeed. We have extensive experience in collecting, verifying, archiving, managing, analyzing, and reporting field monitoring data. This includes knowledge of experiment design, appropriate low-cost monitoring equipment, as well as knowledge and experience on proper instrumentation protocols to ensure high data quality. Information Monitors has developed extensive capabilities to perform these functions in a highly-efficient, automated fashion --- often collecting data remotely from sites on opposite sides of the country.

Data management and quality assurance are the central elements of our automated systems. Multiple levels of quality control are built into these systems. Information Monitors automates the collection of data from your field data logging equipment and the processing that generates web-enabled reports for your decision makers. This processing and reporting is performed on either a predefined interval or event driven basis. Anomalies and events are reported by electronic mail, pager, or other methods.

Your data is stored in secure electronic databases. These databases are backed up automatically to further assure data integrity. Your data is available for retrieval and analysis using a standard web browser. Authorized users may select any portion of the data and conduct a variety of predefined, automated analysis procedures or import the data into spread sheets or other analysis software.

Information Monitors' centralized equipment performs all these functions from within a highly fault-tolerant environment that includes auxiliary power and other built-in redundancies.

Customized Datalogger Setup and Programming

We can configure your dataloggers with specific transducers as a turn-key system that includes programming, wiring diagrams, and clear instructions for conducting your experiments.

On-Site Installation

Dataloggers can be configured and installed at your site by our field engineers. We will deliver a fully functional experiment with documentation and software for managing your experiment.

Simulation and Analysis

We use high-end commercial simulation and analysis software as well as software we developed that simulates the majority of energy-related physical phenomenon. Our finite element based software, FSEC 3.0, is highly flexible and can be easily configured to solve simultaneous governing equations.


We offer a range of courses covering renewable energy, building efficiency, system installation, and monitoring. Most courses include both classroom instruction and hands-on field experience. Please visit us at for comprehensive coverage of our training programs.


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