Testing & Certification  

Information Monitors' ability to conduct standardized testing is a core fundamental. We have both the expertise and the equipment required for conducting consistent tests of high accuracy and quality, meeting all requirements of the appropriate standards. We have extensive experience in performing experiments involving thousands of measurements.

We have considerable experience in experiment design, in identifying appropriate low-cost monitoring equipment, and expertise with proper instrumentation protocols to ensure high data quality.

Instrumented Campell Scientific data logger

FSEC is one of the leading testing and certification laboratories for solar in the United States. We offer testing and certification services for a number of solar devices including:

Mobile Tracking Platforms (MTPs) provide independent, two-axis tracking of the sun. The MTPs are used for outdoor testing of solar collectors, roofing, and other building materials. Each MTP may carry a test payload weighing up to 300 lbs while spanning up to 4 ft by 10 ft. A complimentary utility cart with an onboard chiller, heater, and variable speed pump circulates a temperature-controlled solution to a test payload on the MTP.

Mobile Tracking Platform and Utility Cart

We characterize the performance of photovoltaic modules using both indoor and outdoor testing. For indoor testing, we determine module electrical output characteristics using our new Spire SPI-SUN 660 flash simulator. Visit our Photovoltaics home page for more detailed programs involving photovoltaics.

We use a test protocol developed at Sandia National Labs to determine battery cycle life and capacity under prescribed conditions. Premature battery failure is a major problem with PV systems. The goal is to be able to predict battery lifetime performance based on laboratory testing.

Battery tests are conducted both under controlled conditions in the laboratory and in field experiments to determine capacity, cycle life, and performance as part of whole systems in various configurations.

We are researching techniques for developing CIS and CdTe thin-film devices. Thin-film materials offer the promise of lower cost modules for the future.

We test and evaluate all critical components and subsystems of PV lighting systems. PV lighting systems are a major and growing application in Florida. It is important to assure product performance for the citizens of Florida by assisting industry in improving the quality of their products.

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