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This research site monitors the electrical consumption as well as the interior space conditions of a near zero energy home in Gainesville, Florida. It is a single story three bedroom/two bath home with 1519 sqft of living space and a preliminary HERS rating of 16. Energy consumption is offset by a 4.2 kw photovaltaic system. It has double pane, low e vinyl windows and a sealed attic with R-30 open cell spray foam insulation. Heating and cooling is provided by a 2 ton, open loop, geothermal heat pump. The house has all Energy Star appliances, water star plumbing fixtures, and an 80 sq. ft/120 gallon drainback solar hot water system. All solar systems are west facing and has been occupied since March 2009. Data collection began in July 2008. The geothermal heat pump was replaced by a SEER 23 air source heat pump on 3/8/13.

Jun 27 2014, 00:15 -To- Jun 28 2014, 00:00 EST

Total Electric Energy Use

Peak kW

Total consumption 3.4 20.2
PV production 2.6 19.2
Fed back to utility 2.0 9.3
PV used by house 2.2 9.9
Net purchased electricity 3.4 1.1

Selected Electric Energy End Use

Peak kW

Air Handler 3/8 (prev geo hp) 0.3 1.9
Condenser 3/8 (prev well pump) 2.2 9.7
Hot water 0.0 0.0
Other 2.1 8.6

Indoor Conditions


Thermostat Temp (F) 77.7 76.4/ 78.9
Thermostat RH (%) 53.8 46.3/ 56.7
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