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Interior Conditions
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Geothermal Performance

This research site monitors the electrical consumption as well as the interior space conditions of a low energy, factory built modular home near Panama City, Florida. It is a two story three bedroom/two bath home with 1371 sqft of living space and a HERS rating of 26. Energy consumption is offset by a 3.6 kw photovoltaic system. It has a sealed attic insulated with open cell spray foam. Heating and cooling is provided by a 1.5 ton, closed loop, geothermal heat pump. An outside air duct connects to the air handler return plenum for whole house ventilation during HVAC runtimes. It is also the first home in Florida to achieve a LEED for Homes platinum rating. Home was occupied by one person until late 2008 when it was converted into a builder sales office.

Aug 06 2012, 00:15 -To- Aug 07 2012, 00:00 EST

Total Electric Energy Use

Peak kW

Total consumption 6.6 55.9
PV production 0.0 0.0
Fed back to Utility 0.0 0.0
PV used by house 0.0 0.0
Net purchased electricity 6.6 55.9

Selected Electric Energy Use

Peak kW

Geothermal heat pump 1.5 32.9
Geothermal circulation pump 0.1 2.7
DHW circulation pump 0.1 0.5
Hot water 0.0 0.0

Indoor Conditions


First floor Temp (F) 73.3 71.8/ 75.0
First floor RH (%) 62.2 59.3/ 69.1
Second floor Temp (F) 74.6 74.0/ 76.1
Second floor RH (%) 60.7 58.6/ 66.7

Weather Conditions

Avg / Total

Ambient Temp (F) 77.8 74.9/ 81.5
Ambient RH (%) 91.0 81.3/ 95.0
Solar (wh/m2) 1261.2 -0.4/ 320.6
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