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Hot Water Systems (HWS) Laboratory

The HWS Laboratory is a facility at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) - UCF grounds in Cocoa, FL used to test a variety of hot water systems simultaneously side by side. The 160 Sq.ft. metal roof building currently houses seven hot water systems including electric, solar thermal, natural gas and tankless systems. The project is part of the Building America program funded by DOE. www.baihp.org/hwslab

The HWS Laboratory houses a 50-gallon electric reference water heater, heat pump water heaters, solar water heaters, natural gas reference 40-gallon water heater. During past testing rotations ultra high water heating efficiencies have been demonstrated with hybrid and improved system configurations. Details on the measurements and calculations are briefly covered in a calculations procedures link.

HWS Laboratory Event Log - Phase 1 -4 (3/2009 - 7/2014)

HWS Laboratory Event Log - Phase 5 (Aug 2014)

Caution: Data being collected are preliminary and cannot be used to characterize relative performance without understanding changing experimental conditions. Valid data have been collected for the systems in final configuration since 10 March, 2009. Data on system performance prior to insulation of piping can be seen from 3 February - 2 March, 2009.

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